Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I made a telephone mat-The instructions were we have to use monochromatic colours and minimum -3prints,can use one or two solids.
First I cut a square of5inches-one piece of pink colour and one piece of printed.Part A
Then cut-8pieces( 4 of each print)Part B
Now cut triangles-4pieces another printPartC
Now take the squares front side facing each other ,Stitch on the sides of the middle line so that we get half square of each colour.Keep the printed on the plain piece and stitch once more on the sides of the middle line.Then we get the centre piece of four sections.-PArt A
Now join part  B-Each one print and then join in the square.
Keep the triangle in the middle and hand stitich it first so that the position is not changed then sew it on the machine.PartC
Now keep a sponge underneath and a cloth,fold the sides and sew well.
Telephone mat is ready!!!!!

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