Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 This entry goes to Desi quilters July challenge...What I tried before for july challenge did not satisfy all the rules...So tried this berry basket...Since the theme was quilt with monochromatic colours that too only with two solids ...
Fabrics used
Dotted red-9pieces
Red solid-14pieces
Another red printed-5pieces
Red sripped-One triangle piece
Cloth for backing-quarter meter.
Long strips of striped for the border-three inches width and measure the length after completing the square..
First cut a square of 4inches on a thick paper

Keep the square on the fabric and keep ready all the cut fabrics

First Take a Solid attach a dotted to it,followed by a solid and  half  triangle ofdotted
Second row start with dotted and a solid and half triangle of Dotted.
Now one solid and half dotted and a half dotted for the next row.
First attach all these rows.

Measure this triangle then cut the striped one of same size
Make a square by joining both.
Now make a strip of full printed first followed by HST  ofsolid with a print, continue adding like this four pieces and end it with HST  solid and a dotted.
Make four HST solid with printed for the top
Finally on the right side row, Join a solid with dotted,solid dotted, solid and HST of solid and dotted.
Join both sides,top and bottom....

Top of the quilt is ready.
For stuffing I used sponge and measure the size of the square ,Cut a piece for backing.
Keep the sponge in the middle and finally the backing cloth,pin it first and sew the Sides with the strips of Stripped cloth...
Just to make the solids look attractive ,draw a star with 3D white colour..
Beautiful colourful monochromatic table runner is ready....

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