Sunday, October 21, 2012


The theme given was Strip quilt of any size
I chose to do
The pieces taken were 2.5 inches -Four dark and four light shade
Cut long strip of nearly 10"in each fabric.
Arrange one light and one dark four together to form a strip.Stitch it.
Arrange another four in the same manner nad stitch it....
Press the seams.
Keep one strip in such a way that dark is to the extreme left.
Add the other on top of this such that the wrong side faces us and light is on the extreme corner.
Cut the strips in to 5" length and diagonally.Stitch the diagonals together.
Arrange it such that one side broad on the base and the other narrow at the base.We get a square.
This is one block....We can make many and make a large quilt.
But I made just one and took some black and green fabrics for the border and .
Finally quilted it by putting the batting and a fabric for the base.

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